Fintan Mulholland exhibits his unique vision through knitwear in an organic way. Signature designs are recognised by their striking sculptural silhouettes, subtle textured patterns and exquisitely handcrafted finishes. All materials are used as the starting point for the designs to take shape in the most natural way. The designs are handcrafted in Ireland using only natural yarns such as lambswool, alpaca, yak, linen and cashmere.


Fintan Mulholland produces uniquely constructed garments in quality fabrics for those who consider garments as an investment that underlines their own discernment and individuality. Changing ideals lie at the heart of his work - using knit with strong concepts aid new forms of his self-expression and that these, in turn, lead to new outcomes in the design process. Fintan completed a Bachelors degree in Textlile Art, Design with fashion from Belfast School of Art and a Masters in Fashion Knitwear Design from Nottingham Trent University. All garments featured are available made to order and are made by Fintan Mulholland in his studio in Co.Monaghan, Ireland.

“The foundation and philosophy of the brand is grounded in finding a progressive and sustainable way forward for fashion – aiming to encourage consumers to reassess how they view fashion so that they invest in garments where materials are selected for their quality, sensory value, sustainability and longevity - advocating ‘Slow’ rather than disposable fashion.”